South Street Seaport (by Steve Kelley)

Adam Hays
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Chasing Fiction - Jesus

Pre-Production for the EP (2009)

Original line up pre-Our Own Ghosts

Kind of happy i came across this cleaning out my email.

Not much but definately cool to listen to.

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New little snippet of the last song i posted on here with drummer.

1 guitar, no bass, pre-pro demo.

Enjoy. Stoked on things ahead.

Searching For Satellites...
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No girlfriend.

No job.

No school.

No friends that are free from work.

All the time in the world to do what i love.

This is a pre-production demo i put together of a song i wrote shortly after Chasing Fiction broke up….I decided i havent been playing music enough in my life since then. This is the first sequence of songs i plan on recording in hopes of finding people to start a band with. Music is the only thing that can keep me at peace. Not playing music for 7 months really made me feel like a totally different person, one i wasnt fond of. If all goes as planned, i will be writing and recording one song a week until i eventually get writers block, and/ or find people that want to play music and be as passionate about it as i am.

Best tattoo ever.

Best tattoo ever.

Glassjaw - Ape Dos Mil
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This is what happens when i get bored.

Top Albums of 2010

Looking back at the past year for music, i thought it would be alot harder than it actually was in reality to name 10 albums i loved that came out. This is the list i’ve acquired out of boredom. 

1.Kid CuDI - Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr.Rager

2. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

3. Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise

4. Drake - Thank Me Later

5. Minus The Bear - OMNI

6. GlassJaw Our Color Green EP

7. Circa Survive - Appendage

8. Local Natives - Gorilla Manner

9. The Chariot - Long Live

10. I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodies Business - The World We Know

Dear 2011

Please dont fuck me as hard as 2010 did…………….